Dress for Success - In a relationship!

You read that right, dressing for success isn't just for the job market, that big event you are going to or for the first date...it is for your whole relationship! We agree that your partner should love and accept you for you, for the way you are and your style, BUT that doesn't mean just let yourself go and be lazy about how your appearance looks!

When you stop caring, is when they stop noticing. You want to keep your style fresh, your hair on point and however you style it, keep it clean and well groomed!


Sometimes in relationships you can get comfortable and forget that you are still being looked at! The way you carry yourself and your confidence are wrapped up in how you dress and present yourself. Remember to surprise your partner once in a while with how you look, dazzle them! Remember to dazzle yourself too! Look in the mirror and feel GREAT about how you look, be comfortable but sexy, smell amazing and rock it!


Keep those haircuts regular, freshen your color, add a new style, change up the updo, rock a beard, just make it look fantastic for your style and face! Touchable hair, that smells great and looks modern is very attractive and keeps your partner intrigued with all of your fresh new looks, no matter how long you have been together!


Keep those legs shaved, or face, or whichever makes your partner most turned on...that might be a long beard and all natural, but keep it clean, groomed, smelling lovely and consistent! No one likes stinky pits, scraggly hair, dandruff, dry skin, prickles, etc. Be touchable, delicious, irresistible!

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