The Quirky Things Kids Do When You are Trying to Get it On

When you have children, it is always a gamble to try and sneak away to get some lovin' from your partner. Smaller kids can be especially quirky about it and older kids just plug in the earphones for the most part so you are a little more likely to get away with some fun. However it is always on the back of your mind, if you locked the door, if they can hear, if you bumped the wall, if you are rocking too much...oh the worry! So here are some funny moments to lighten your mind about it!

1. The fingers under the door.

It's always funny when you are trying to get into the moment, are right about to climax, or are about to yell out but have to hold it in...and you see little fingers under the door! Followed by little voices begging to come in.

2. When they peek and say 'what are you doing to mommy?!'

When your young kids accidentally walk in on you in a compromising position, ask you what you are doing and when you make up your excuse...usually it's "We were just wrestling", or "Playing a tickle game", etc...they decide they want to play the game with you too! Um, no.

3. Why did you draw that at school Timmy???

Then, when your kids are drawing their cute little pictures at school and decide to draw mommy and daddy playing the tickle game in bed...well that's always a fun one to explain to the teacher!

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